Community Development

Community Development

Customized Community Development Training & Seminars
TACDO can develop tailored training programs and curriculum for your project managers, field staff, or community leaders on a range of topics. We can deliver the trainings at our facilities at Donepamai village, Vientiane capital or in the field anywhere around the country. TACDO can offer two-week courses or more intensive short courses to fit the needs of your organization or group.
TACDO has developed and delivered specialized trainings for such organizations as CARE, CARITAS, SNV, LRC, SRC, Burnet Institute, Concern Worldwide, WB, ADB, Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture, Community Department of Phubia mining,
Some of the topical areas we specialize in include:
Customized Training for Engineers without Borders online course or in-person seminar

-Participatory practices for sustainable development
- Logic Model Development & Program Evaluation
- Community-based mapping, GIS, and GPS
- Regional and cluster development programs
- Survey and Evaluation Research (Qualitative & Quantitative)
- Community and organizational capacity building
- Irrigation management
- Community mobilization
- Sustainable development management
- Participatory video production
- Training of trainers
- And more…

Our Community Mobilization Intensive Workshop, a 5-day course designed to meet the need of busy professionals, focuses on the role of Community Mobilization in the broader development framework, providing the theory and tools necessary to develop strategies for understanding power dynamics in community development, increase trust and communication, and enhance participation in the initial phases of development initiatives.
Our Participatory Practices for Sustainable Development course was the first course to be developed and offered by TACDO. This course explores both the theory and practice of community-based development, focusing on practical tools and skills for cultivating indigenous leadership, mobilizing communities for collective action, accessing resources, and developing long-enduring community-based institutions. Through dialogue, activities, case studies, and other exercises, participants will learn how to work with community members to identify their vision for the future and create the relationships, institutions, and appropriate technologies to move towards it. The techniques taught in this course are based on best practices in participatory, bottom-up approaches to development proven effective throughout the world by TACDO and our partner organizations.

To arrange for a free consultation to see if TACDO can help, please contact Khamphat Boulom on (020) 5551 9581 or Vilaylack Boulom on +856 020 55824448,or by Email at

TACDO encourages participants with no funding to seek sponsorship in their respective organization, as we are currently unable to provide sponsorship for our training services.