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Empowering technical competence.

We develop professional and technical expertise.

Every seminar is only as good as its content, which is why it comes from first hand with us. With branches all over the Country, TACDO Consulting Center is the international institution for technical and professional expertise in all important subject areas. We convey well founded knowledge from real-life practice. Our innovative further training solutions range from individual courses to customized personnel development concepts. We comprehensively strengthen the technical skills of participants all over the Country.

The seminar structure of TACDO Consulting Center consists of open and in-house seminars. Open seminars take place on our premises and, with their highly topical subject matter, are aimed at participants from a wide variety of disciplines. The content is practice-oriented and is conveyed in a lively manner by experienced lecturers in various formats. In addition, you have the opportunity to book seminars in which we will deliver tailor-made content coordinated to your needs in your company.

1. Leadership and Management
2. Community Development
3. Youth Vocational training
4. Agriculture and Livestock
5. Microfinance-Banking
6. Industry and Safety
7. SME and Business Development

Scheduled implementation of a program of various exercises to train skills and increase performance.

TACDO Center was established in 2000 by a dynamic group of Lao professionals with the cooperation of Australian national advisor (a long time expatriate consultant in S.E. Asia).
TACDO stands for Training and Consulting for Development. The primary objective of our consultancy is to serve clients working in Lao PDR who are both Local and International organizations aiming to capacity build and strengthen their organizations.
TACDO’s consulting team is comprised of international, regional, as well as local consultants and partners.
Since 2005, IFC (International Finance Corporation) and MPDF (Mekong Private sector Development Facility) Lao office has also engaged TACDO as a local partner to deliver training programs and materials to Lao business communities throughout the nation.

Sloganof TACDO
“Your Knowledge Bank”: We facilitate knowledge transfer from experts in organizational development and training to the benefit of executives developing both themselves and their organizations

1. Management and Leadership development (HRM, leadership and management, Organizational Development, Work place management, Occupational Safety & Health, Life skill) and Cross-Cultural Management and Team Development High Impact Workshops that allow Expatriate Managers and their Lao Teams to better understand the cross-cultural aspects of leadership and teamwork.
2. Business and SMEs, (Finance and Accounting, Sales and Marketing, First Aid, Self-Development, IT and Etc…)
3. Social and Community Development training and Advisory (Project management, Monitoring and Evaluation, TOT training, Micro credit, Project proposal writing, Irrigation management, Life skills training, And etc….)
4. Microfinance Development Training and Advisory (Delinquency management, credit management, customer service, group loans, accounting for MFI, SCU establishment, and etc….)
5. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (Poultry raising, other livestock raising, fishery and agriculture planting. We have demonstration farms about 25Kms outside Vientiane Capital, In this place, we do provide our trainees the real skills of doing things. Besides, we work with many farms and institute to exchange the technicians and information)
6. TVET, Skills Development Training and Advisory ( hospitality skills (Hotel, Restaurant and Travel agent skills), beauty and hairdressing skills, and other skills for creation job skills and business skills for the young school leavers and other interested persons)

The company’s consultants have provided trainings in various topics which recorded for more than 13,700 participants (until June 2019) from 320 organizations nation wide. We also provided training courses to more than 140 participants who are expatriates working in Laos. For more details please visit our website at: