Microfinance and Banking

Microfinance and Banking
Past Experience in Microfinance
    Mr. Khamphat Boulom, the founder of TACDO has worked with ADB, Bank of Laos, BCEL Bank, Agriculture Promotion Bank (APB), Lao Development Bank, Planet finance, DGRV, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and many MFIs in the last 8 years in the following areas:

Microfinance and Banking:

Training Courses Organized and Conducted:
Khamphat Boulom and team of TACDO has organized and conducted 25 trainings in 17 topics on the following topics.

1.Credit Appraisal Techniques .
2.Gender and Microfinance .
3.Basic Microfinance Concepts .
4.Village fund program establishment and management.
5.Project Accounting.
6.Internal control and audit.
7.Income Generating Management for MFI Staffs .
8.Social Mobilization and Microfinance .
9.Competitive customer service.

10.Human Resource Management .
11.Business plan for MFIs.
12.Board Governance.
13.Leadership and Management.
14.MFIs visit and exchange program.
15.Effective cooperative management .
16.Advertisement strategy and design .
17.Office management .
18.Pawnshop establishment and management .

Microfinance and Banking
Our Microfinance-Banking clients
     Mr. Khamphat Boulom, the founder of TACDO has worked with Catagorising Microfiance for the poor project or CMP (BoL-ADB) for 3 years, and ADB project back in between 2003-2004. During these periods he has worked closing with almost MFIs in the country of Lao PDR.

Northern Parts of Laos:
Northern Parts of Laos:
1. Phongsaly MFI
2. Oudomxay MFI
3. Borkeo Village Development Fund Association
4. Hongsa Village Development Fund Association (Xayabuly province)
5. PKhob-Xienghone Village Development Fund Association (Xayabuly province)
6. Champalao MFI (Luangprabang province)
7. Luangprabang SCU
8. Huaphan MFI (Huaphanh SCU)

Central parts of Laos:
1. Mitaphab SCU
2. Naxaithong cooperative
3. Newton MFI
4. Many MFI
5. Hom MFI (Vientiane province)
6. Vientiane SCU (Vientiane province)
7. Thoulakhom SCU (Vientiane province)

Why working with TACDO ?
1. Deeper understanding in MF in Lao context
2. Good equality work
3. Flexible and goal achievement oriented
4. Broad network in Lao PDR and regional

Southern Parts of Laos:
1. Mitmaitri MFI (Khammouan province)
2. Seno SCU (Savannakhet province)
3. Saignaisamphanh MFI (Savannakhet province)
4. Huamchai phattana SCU
5. Songkhone SCU
6. Huasae Chaleun SCU (Champasack province)
7. Vanmai SCU (Salavanh SCU)

Besides, TACDO has worked with most of Lao major banks AND donors such as:
2. APB
3. LDB
4. BOL
5. ADB
6. Planet finance
7. LUX-DEVELOPMENT Banking support project
8. World Bank
9. Finland development project